Top 5 Tools To Market Yourself Online For Small Business Owners

March 11, 2015 @ 12:25 am

Let’s face it. Getting yourself in front of your ideal customers takes work. Sometimes, it takes a lot of work.

In order to compete with the (literally) millions of products, product reviews, ad placements and nonsense that show up on any given webpage or Google search, you need to know how to stand out quickly. has put together a comprehensive list of tools that will most likely help you get to where you want to be with your online marketing efforts, with as little effort on your part. Trust me. I don’t want to overdo, relearn, rework, redo and reinvent my message every time I turn on my computer. And while there are products being released everyday, you don’t need to be buying products everyday!

Here is my top 10 list of the most valuable products that I have purchased, used and actually enjoyed while finding them highly user-friendly and incredibly useful.

So you know, I do not have anything on here that isn’t in my arsenal, and the links are my affiliate links (I love it, why not share?) I cannot guarantee you’ll have the same results I have with these, but I do know that these are top-quality products, all with excellent customer service and generously patient helpdesks (because they all know me by first name…Hi Jack at Hydravid!) I do not take my product recommendations lightly. Feel free to try out any product here, and let me know what you think. I believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised and rather excited about using any of these in your efforts.

Top 5 Tools to Market Yourself Online.

#1 Explaindio Video Creator

(*click to try Explaindio for $1)  The most complete video creation program available. Create HD, high quality videos in multiple formats including animation slides, video, white board sketch or a combination. As the most comprehensive video making suite, Explaindio is made for busy entrepreneurs, with little to no learning curve required. The format is easy to use, quick to learn and produces colorful product or service explainer videos that capture client’s attention.

Example of Explaindio:

#2 Million Dollar Sales Video

Having video and getting videos onto YouTube does not constitute a marketing plan. In order to really understand how small business can be successful with video, it’s important to have a well-established, highly reproducible model. This training, priced below $10, is a great start, with a wealth of information about free resources, outsourcing and “secret” tools that small business owners can use to get results using video online. The training by Alex Jeffreys (considered THE best sales copywriter in the industry) is great, but even bigger value comes in the extras and script outline provided.

#3 Hydravid Syndicate –

A crucial step that is often forgotten in online video marketing is distribution. In order to have a successful return with promotional, explainer or video introductions to services, business owners need to be aware of the complexity of backlinks, distribution tactics and how to make sure their online video marketing efforts are seen across multiple platforms. One of the newer products available, Hydravid allows users to syndicate their video to multiple channels quickly and easily, building credibility and authority.

#4 Acuity Scheduling Software

This might not be considered a “crucial” tool for online marketing, but I think I was one of Acuity’s first customers ever and they have gotten nothing but better. The calendar integrates into anything you want it to, the tools are easy to use, the interface is friendly, versatile and – oh- did I mention you can get the basic version for free, and it stays free? I use the professional version, and my favorite feature is the text message reminders sent automatically to clients. It also has 2-way sync to Google, iCal and other outside calendars. I love Google and I live by my Google Calendar, but Acuity makes the scheduling process nearly flawless for my clients and completely hands off for me.

#5 Spin Rewriter

I did not know spinning articles could be 1) fun, 2) easy to learn and 3) well written with a very natural style. Typically, spun articles I have encountered are grammatically awful and semantically repulsive. This software takes your article and gives you a list of choices for how you want to spin it. You manually set your choices from the list (or write in your own) and the software automatically uses spin syntax in a fresh copy. They just updated and now you can add a list of videos to be automatically embedded into your final article! I find this company (again, I have had multiply conversations with their help desk) to be honest and caring. Plus, they are continually taking customer feedback and making updates. This is web-based, with an archive of all your articles.

This is a list of my top favorite tools for online video marketing productivity. Feel free to give any one of them a try!! Not sure you want to do this yourself? Check out the free training and Quick Start Checklist