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Sohaila Handelsman

Erin truly knows what she is doing. She is an expert in her field. When she says that she will do something, she gets it done. I have been very pleased with the results that she has done for my rankings. I know I couldn’t have done it without her! Erin is the real deal. She cares about her clients and it shows! She delivers well beyond what your initial investment is with her.

Sohaila Handelsman, Sohaila International, Bellydance Instructor
Dr. Giavanni Washington

Erin is a phenom.  When I started working with her, I was completely ignorant of all the techie gobbledegook, and as a result I was missing out on potential clients -- everyday!  After just one session, I had a clear understanding of how to digitally connect to my target market on different platforms.   Erin is calm and patient, especially with techophobes like myself.  She takes something that is perplexing and befuddling and expertly paints a compelling picture of technology's possibilities to increase my reach, my effectiveness, and my income!

I LOVE her!

Dr. Giavanni Washington, Rhythm Quest

Working with Erin has been an excellent learning experience. She took great care in explaining how video optimization works so that I was crystal clear of what I was getting and how it would boost my visibility online.  In no time at all, my videos were in the 1st page of the search engine! She has kept me aware of new products/services to further highlight and promote my businesses.  What I enjoy so much is her wit and humor because if I'm not having fun...I just can't deal with this kind of technical stuff.

Yvonne Larson
Yvonne Larson The Neckwork Expert

Prospect To Profit helped me to understand what tools to use in my business to ensure I was able to offer high quality video coaching modules for my private member’s site. Erin's attention to detail ensured the end result matched my specific requirements.

Gloria Hyatt MBE
Gloria Hyatt MBE Power To Entrepreneurial Success Coaching Programme, UK

Erin's the reason I'm sleeping indoors. I told my wife I could get her company's video to the top of Google. "No problem!" I said. Then Google put me in my place... QUICK. So I did what anyone smart enough to know when they're outgunned would and should do... I hooked up with a pro. Erin not only showed me EXACTLY how to dominate the rankings and drag in viewers with a gigantic net... She made it look easy. And it was absolutely awesome! Worth every penny in pride alone! Thanks, Erin!

Kyle Pendergraft
Kyle Pendergraft Author, Biology of Marketing

In the time I started working with Erin, I learned how to create sales pages that work, finally launched my online class and created videos that are getting views! I launched an online class to teach my energy healing techniques, and my first class brought in $14,000 income in the first month! My website is getting steady traffic all the time, and people ask to enroll in a consultation with me every day. I went from seeing clients hourly one-on-one to seeing launching my training program online. I know the work I did with Erin has put me in front of way more people that I could  have alone. Thank you. Appreciate you. I have turned $15,000 from my goal to my new monthly minimum!

Anastasia Chopelas
Anastasia Chopelas The Scientific Healer, Author, Trainer

Erin is professional, polished and a great communicator. I have been working with her for over 6 months now and still haven't met in person. That's a surprising thought because she is responsive and expressive in a way that makes me feel I know her well and can always count on her for support.

Ani Pundit
Ani Pundit Filmaker

Erin is a whiz at math and an amazing communicator.  She uses her skill as a teacher to impart information on the complicated maze of the internet and website activity.  Thomas and I are very impressed with her skill and knowledge.  She is also a very nice and kind person and we like her energy and enthusiasm.

Suzzy Canny
Suzzy Canny Suzzy Canny Custom Seamstress

I like how I feel comfortable being honest with you about when I'm concerned about something and also when I'm excited about progress. I like how honest you are with yourself and your clients, even if it's not what they want to hear You're cool and down to earth- you have high expectations but also treat people like humans! One more thing- You're incredibly patient and have such great techniques in place for people who need more help with the process.

Molly Leland
Molly Leland Actress

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Sample lesson from "Video Sales University." This is a sample of the video sales script template you get when you start the Prospect To Profits System. This is not edited, and it's part of the training modules.