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About This Course

“Working with Erin has been an excellent learning experience. She takes great care in explaining how video optimization works so that I was crystal clear of what I was getting and how it would boost my visibility online.  In no time at all, my videos were on the 1st page of the search engines! She has kept me aware of new products/services to further highlight and promote my businesses.  What I enjoy so much is her wit and humor because if I'm not having fun... I just can't deal with this kind of technical stuff."Yvonne Larson

“Among Erin’s strengths is the amount of resources that she will bring to make learning interesting, to spark the curiosity of her students.”  – Alejandra Palacios

“Erin is a phenom.  When I started working with her, I was completely ignorant of all the techie gobbledegook, and as a result I was missing out on potential clients -- everyday!  After just one session, I had a clear understanding of how to digitally connect to my target market on different platforms.   Erin is calm and patient, especially with techophobes like myself.  She takes something that is perplexing and befuddling and expertly paints a compelling picture of technology's possibilities to increase my reach, my effectiveness, and my income! I LOVE her!” – Dr. Gianvanni Washington