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The Prospect To Profit Online Business Accelerator Gives You The Power to Generate More Leads, Generate More Visibility And Generate More Profitability.

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Do you EVER wonder how the big names in your industry get to be BIG NAMES?

It's NOT because they are BETTER THAN YOU at providing VALUE.

It's NOT because they have SALES FUNNELS and OFFERS that YOU CAN'T PROVIDE.

It's NOT because they were born with something YOU DON'T HAVE.

But, they do have one thing you don't:


and a way to


How do you compete with marketing budgets of $5000, $10,000 or even $100,000 per month?

You won't need to compete, when your phone is ringing with new customers.

You can dramatically grow your business with THREE STEPS.

Step One:

Find Them.

With some of the most innovative search and discover techniques used today, you will learn how to find ideal customers and where they are online. Our outside-the-box thinking helps us find new leads in ways no one is using online. This is beyond Facebook audiences, this is beyond Google searches. We will help you build a list of people who are ready to buy, and need what you have.

Step Two:

Get Them.

Once you know who you are going to talk to, what they are seeking and how you can help them, you learn how to develop a message that grabs their attention in less than 10 seconds and creates the "YES, I NEED THIS" emotional response that is so important. We then use this message to create other messages, build your online presence, authority and credibility so that you become known as the go-to expert.

Step Three:

Keep Them.

It's now time to engage your audience with creative, interactive online tools that we structure and design specifically to meet your goals. Through truly innovative social media engagement, direct contact and automated online leveraging, you will see your prospects increase, your client list grow and your business soar to the next level of success.

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Stop Wondering How To Bring In Clients

It's Time To Become Your Own Lead Generating Expert, Find All the New Business You Want, and Grow Your Own Tribe of High Paying Fans Who Love To Buy From You (and Keep Coming Back For More!)

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  • Are You Hoping People Just Find You?

    It’s stressful to wonder where your next client will come from, or or worse, if there even is a next client. You don’t have the luxury of huge advertising and marketing budgets! You need to know how to find and contact people who need your solutions, and get your phone to start ringing.

  • Build a List Practically On Auto-Pilot

    Learn how to get people to find you and keep coming back. We walk you through exactly how to find and focus on people who are going to buy from you.

  • Capture and Conversions

    We show you how to use videos to increase Google ranking and get you noticed with the step-by-step, fill-in-the-blank video sales scripts that work. The same format used to sell millions of dollars in products! Learn to use our 4Pro formula that converts like crazy.

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Create your own fully packed Online Video Marketing Strategy using our proven, simple to follow techniques. (Included with package!)

If you are ready to get new clients and keep them, you are ready for the BizRankPro level of success.

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Discover How You Can Become An Authority, Build Credibility and Generate Customer Leads With Video

What You Get With BizRankPro's Prospect To Profit Program:

  • Easy to follow action-steps to get you going quickly and in the right direction.
  • Access to reports, back-office dashboards, email support and regularly scheduled coaching calls to make sure your campaigns are bringing you business.
  • Campaign and automated service set up done for you and managed for you so you can focus on what is important.
  • Done for you VSL (video sales letter) scripts, and fill-in-the-blank templates.

Fast-track, easy to follow steps to get you building your online client list quickly!

Live Q&A, coaching and demo webinars every week.

Private 1-1 sessions

Unlimited email support directly to Erin and her team, with direct contact weekly.

Build your business online without feeling overwhelmed by technology or stressed out that you won't be able to do it.

All questions answered!

Attention Business Owners:

What members get


  • Dedicated live webinar coaching. Every week, you ask your questions and get answers. We will literally hold your hand until you see results.
  • Online Marketing Strategies. Not sure what to say? You will learn how to get your message to your customer in less than 5 seconds. Don't know who to share with? We teach you how to get social media to work for you.
  • Targeted Strategies To Reach Your Audience. Facebook Ads Marketing Messaging, Video Creation, Visibility Strategies, and More!
  • Not for everyone. This program works for people who believe in what they sell and are ready to upscale their leads, conversions and profits.
  • Support. I will back you up 100% by working the problem out.
  • Guarantee: We help you learn the exact same strategies that have helped clients double their email lists, sell products from Facebook, bring in new clients and increase profits.

What's in it for you

Too many "experts" make business owners feel "dumb" for not understanding the online marketing world.

We are different.

We know that you can't succeed unless you know the WHOLE system, which is why this program includes so much more. Our goal is to make sure you understand what to do, and how to do it, and we empower you with knowledge and help!

And all support you need to succeed:

  • Weekly Coaching Calls, live to answer all of your questions.
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • 1-1 Private Video Calls to support you.
  • Done-for-you option available.
  • Facebook and YouTube marketing
  • Easy-to-learn steps that make a huge difference!
  • Lead Generation Software
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What You Will Have With Prospect To Profit

  • Weekly Live Coaching Calls - Get questions answered, live support and go deeper into training modules.
  • Lead Generation - Powerful ways to contact new clients directly. First one is on us!
  • Traffic Vault Secrets - More traffic means more leads, more leads means more clients.
  • Automation Tools - Members can get their entire system running on autopilot. We show you how.
  • Facebook For Real - Learn how to use Power Editor, and make Facebook work for your business, on just $5/day.
  • Marketing Challenges - Weekly marketing challenges to keep you motivated, keep you visible and keep your calendar booked.
  • Webinar Secrets - Making webinars has never been easier. Learn how to use Google Hangouts to make you money.
  • Plus, learn how to write marketing copy that gets noticed, headlines that get read and create video scripts that keep them watching!
  • Unlimited email support, private phone/video call strategy sessions, and more.
  • Full Video Creation Class - From what to do to how to do it. Get a great video on any budget
  • Facebook marketing strategies that help build your audience without spending a fortune!

Clients Get Results!

What customers are saying:

Successful Video Strategies

    Erin helped me to understand what tools to use in my business to ensure I was able to offer high quality video coaching modules for my private member’s site. Erin's attention to detail ensured the end result matched my specific requirements. Her patients and knowledge of video marketing and what works is superior. I not only learned a lot, but was able to create the video modules myself! I learned so much in a short amount of time.

Gloria Hyatt MBE, Power To Entrepreneurial Success Coaching Programme

Visibility That Shines

Erin's the reason I'm sleeping indoors. I told my wife I could get her company's video to the top of Google. "No problem!" I said. Then Google put me in my place... QUICK. So I did what anyone smart enough to know when they're outgunned would and should do... I hooked up with a pro. Erin not only showed me EXACTLY how to dominate the rankings and drag in viewers with a gigantic net... She made it look easy. And it was absolutely awesome! Worth every penny in pride alone! Thanks, Erin!

Kyle Pendergraft, Freelance Copywriter

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